Birthday present to my bestest of friends!

My dearest Kirsti! Here you have a personal present from me to you! I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

To my bestest of all friends


All those years ago we walked

Hand in hand we talked and talked

With no real worries in our heart

We were certain we would never be apart

Because best friends never leave for good

This we certainly understood


Years went by and we both grew

I was I and you were you

Sharing smiles and sharing tears

Over dreams and hopes and doubts and fears

Growing up is complicated

And everything didn’t turn out quite as expected


Birthdays came and years they went

Hugs were given and letters were sent

Our friendship grew

As time it flew

A little older and somewhat wiser here we are

Both of our journeys taken us this far


But we have lots of miles ahead

Lots of hours to never leave anything unsaid

Time to still walk hand in hand

As we fly high and when we crash land

Here for each other through thick and thin

For when we lose and when we win


However, wherever, whenever

I will be your best friend forever

My greatest wish that is for you

Is for all of your dreams to come true

I am here to the very end

To always wish you happy birthday my gorgeous best friend!


©Christina de Vries







One thought on “Birthday present to my bestest of friends!

Add yours

  1. I´m sure I told you have much I love this birthday present! But I see I didnt say it here! so now I will! I had to read it once again. It warms my heart and makes me feel loved, and that is all I can wish for on my birthday. So thank you my best friend! For giving me the feeling of happiness. I wish you the best.
    Your K

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