Think Differently – Positive You

I just watched an amazingly inspiring and eye opening video made by David Foster Wallace Literary Trust. I will include the video at the end of the post for you all to see.

The video is about how we choose to think when it comes to the things that bores and irritates us in our everyday life. I felt like I could relate to exactly this. We go through so many routines and tiny problems in our everyday life that spoils our day because we choose to let it.

Growing up is not easy and we learn about it all bit by bit as we go. To be a positive person is not something that you born as, it is a choice you make. You choose how you want to look at the little things that happen in your life. In the video they have a brilliant example that takes place at the super market after a long day at work. How we let ourselves get carried away into that negative place by all the little situations that surround us, and how we should look at it. To know that even though it feels like the whole world revolves around you, it really doesn’t. This is a hard concept to really grasp. To be able to put completely let go and put yourself in someone else’s position is not easily done. But to be able to look at things from a different perspective we really have to try and do so. The things that annoys us in other people might have a perfectly good explanation. We all have a past and a story, often these are untold and not something we wave around for complete strangers to see. Just think about it. The days that you are in a really bad mood caused by a break up, sickness or maybe something completely different, you will behave a little different. Maybe you won’t give that extra smile to someone. Maybe you will answer somewhat rude to a question not even knowing that you’re doing so. The ones around you that doesn’t know what is up with you might let that annoy them and that is the essence of what I’m writing about here.

I’m not telling you to broadcast all of your problems (it will probably not make it any better) or to not let anything get to you (because it will) but I’m encouraging you to not let it ruin your day. Be positive. Choose to think positive. And look at the world a little differently. We only get one life and it is a hard, lovely, complicated and mysterious one. No life is alike, no mind alike. See the beauty in the little things and try to make the most of every day.

This is the only life you will get! Make the most of it!

And don’t forget to smile!


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