Unique You

We are all unique in our own way but we all want to have that unique style that gives people no option but to remember us.

In a society where everyone strives to be unique it can often feel difficult to stand out of a crowd of uniqueness. But the truth as I see it is that you don’t have to dress up like Lady Gaga to be unique. To be unique is to love yourself for who you are. Embrace your look and your personality. A lot of the people that I look up to when it comes to looks are not going out of their way to be noticed but they dare to say “This is who I am and I love it. And if you don’t like it then you don’t have to talk to me or look at me”. Confidence is so sexy and too many of us tend to forget exactly that.
We have to learn to love ourselves and then the people that is worth keeping around in your life will get there.
Surround yourself with friends that loves you for who you are and that sees the uniqueness in you even when you don’t try to show it.

To be unique is to be you and no one else!


Different is gorgeous and as long as you are yourself than you are as different as you can get!

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