I am bewildered. I am scared. And I am somewhat fascinated.

Hearing stories from friends and stranger about what they’ve been through, putting that together with my own experiences has given me less answers and a lot more questions about how the human mind works.

It is said that bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

I believe that this is true. What I also believe is that there are a lot of people out there sipping their daily doses of poison. They wait and they wait, not seeing how it is eating them up from the inside out.

You’ve heard about them, or maybe even been there yourself, in that relationship where something just doesn’t work. It doesn’t mean that you no longer care for each other or love one another even. Sometimes it just isn’t right.

The breakup comes along and suddenly one of you (or even both) starts to act very differently. People change during difficult times. I don’t think we change into someone else, but I do think that it brings out some of what is buried deep down inside in some of us. Maybe it is that sensitive side that rarely shows, or an adventurous side that has been hidden away for far too long, but in some people it brings out an angry side of them. The bitterness turns them into people that throw words around. Words that hurt.

Suddenly one finds oneself sitting there, wondering what happened to that person that used to care for you, love you. How come that breaking a relationship off means that one have to be mean to each other?

I suspect that in a lot of cases it’s as simple as it being easier to let go of someone you’re angry with. Someone you convince yourself that you don’t like anymore. So they try they hardest to convince them selves that all the love and care is gone, replaced by something dark and ugly. But what really happens is that the poison spreads throughout their whole system. Anchoring them down to a place they shouldn’t be.

Bitterness is never the answer. Get angry if you need to. Cry if you need to. No matter how you choose to cope with a breakup (or any difficult time) it is so important that at some point you have to let go.

Don’t anchor yourself down with hate and bitterness, open up your mind and see just how the universe is trying to tell you that there are better things ahead.

Never give up on yourself!




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