What happens next?

“How are you?”
How many times have you answered that question with a lie?
“I’m fine!” “Great! And you?” “Oh, you know… Nothing new really.”
And as you are saying these things out loud your inside is screaming out something completely different.

Has it come to this? Are we too polite to be able to answer a question honestly? Or is the question so habitable that we don’t really take it serious anymore?

I’m not going to lie. I’m going through a really difficult and tough time now a days. Am I writing for your sympathy? No I’m not. Writing is the way that I cope and it is also a way for me to share some thoughts that affects more than only me or this situation in particular.
I’ve actually stoped lying about how I’m doing. If people are bold enough to ask, then they will get an honest and straight from the heart answer.
“I’m having a hard time.” “Not so good at the moment.” “I’m sad.”

It is freeing to be able to actually tell people how I feel. No sugar coating. And why should we suger coat it in the first place? Rough times.. EVERYONE has them! So why are we so ashamed of opening up and just admitting that we’re going through a tough time? Everyone can in some way relate to the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and hurt, so why can so few have a normal conversation about it?

I’m putting my foot down and I’m almost screaming:

Hey! You know what? Life isn’t that good at the moment. I’m going through a really hard time and I have no clue as to exactly what the future will bring me.
And do you know what else? That’s actually okay, believe it or not.
It will all get better, I will get stronger and wiser someday.
This is my rough time even though I can smile and laugh in good company. And it is in that good company that telling how you really feel ends up showing you how much they honestly care.

Thank you to all of my friends (both irl and in here! It means so much to me to have their support and shared wisdom:)


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