Fifty Shades of Overrated

The fifty shades hype has been going on for far too long and while I had my vacation this summer I decided to get in on the action and find out what all Tue fuzz was really about.

The storyline is pretty simple. Innocent virgin Anastacia falls for dominant slightly older man with a dark past. He wants her as his submissive and she gets to grow sexually and personally in the process as their relationship evolves as well as he does.

The first thoughts I had about these books was how little I connected with how it is written. The dialogue was pretty good but I didn’t particularly like how the rest was written. When you first get to the first (of too many to count) actually erotic piece the writing picks up a bit. It feels far from realistic at times, but it isn’t bad for erotic literature.

Was it worth using my time to read all three books?

Not really. Coming from a generation where sex are thrown at us from every angle at any time this really wasn’t as mind blowing as I expected it to be. But then again, maybe it’s because I have read some professionally written erotic literature in the past.

Does it have entertainment value?

Yes it does.
I think the most accurate comparison on my part is when I wake up hungover on a Sunday, I like to put on a movie that feels easy to digest for the big thinker.

And that’s exactly what kind of book this is. It’s easy entertainment with a dash of excitement and a whole lot of sex.

E.L. James has somehow made erotica mainstream and we don’t really react when we see people reading the books out and about, which is kind of weird but also great!

If you’re looking for something to tingle your senses, these are books that will do just that. Just don’t expect a literary masterpiece, because it is light years away from that.


And with that I finish my little post on the fifty shades books. Feel free to comment on your thoughts around the books and how it has mainstreamed erotica as everyday literature.


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