The terrorist who keeps on demanding

I’ve written a bit about Breivik earlier on and I stand by what I wrote then about not wanting to spread his propaganda and his face around the web because that is what he wants us to. By showing his face and talk loudly about his beliefs he is reaching out to so many minds that thinks like him.

But what I want to talk about in this post is the problem with the justice system here in Norway.

It was just known to the public that Breivik has applied to the University of Oslo to study political science and the reactions have been through the roof. I’ve even had a couple of heated arguments with people I know about this.

It is stated by Norwegian law that convicted criminals have a right to get help and education while doing their time. This is to offer them a possibility to be able to function in the real world when they do get out again.

Because we as Norwegians are somewhat of naïve we don’t have any specific laws when it comes to convicted terrorists. So Breivik has pretty much all the same rights as the guy who killed his ex in the heat of the moment. Now that other guy I can see that could be helped. The one that shows regrets and wants to change. Breivik is not that guy. He said so himself. He regrets not killing more people. This is a person who will never walk freely on our streets. He will never get a regular job and he doesn’t need an education (paid for by us tax payers) that he cannot do anything constructive with.

This man keeps on demanding and getting exactly what he wants. This man has had the opportunity to write letters to people outside his prison and encourage them to continue what he started.

Even after locking him up he is somehow still out there in a way. Why haven’t they changed the law? Why should a man that killed so many in cold blood be able to demand anything? To be convicted of a crime should be a punishment and not a vacation spot for a terrorist to keep on at his preposterous propaganda.

This case gets me so fires me up to the boiling point, but if we let it overtake us all then he has won a little bit more. So I true to focus on the love that sprung out of it all. We rose up as a nation and spread love instead of hate. That is what I’m trying to keep in my heart instead of the anger.

I think of the roses.


Photo: Erlend Aas / Scanpix

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