Naked Ambition

Being sick and home from work yesterday I found myself looking around Netflix for some easy entertainment and I found it in Michael Grecco’s documentary Naked Ambition.


An R rated look at an x rated industry. Michael Grecco is at the AVN – porn convention in Las Vegas and wants to make a coffee table book about the real people behind the industry that fascinates so many.
I myself have always been fascinated by the porn industry and found that my fascination with it had a lot in common with Grecco’s. How there’s a room in porn for every kind of different people and personalities. The real people that has in no way been threatened or pushed into the business but really wants to be there. Exhibitionist men and woman that are completely comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality. Porn stars are just as much people as the girl next door. As much as you and I but with different dreams and ambitions. Who are we to judge them and not treat them as equals?
Because lets face it. There are “dirty” sides of any kind of industries. If you start looking you’ll find psychopaths in the most respected businesses and employees that hates their jobs.
I’m not saying that everyone in porn should be there but the ones that has taken a grown up decission to do porn should be able to do so without anyone looking down on them.

Kudos to Michael Grecco for a very realistic and open minded look at a very misjudged industry.

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