It’s all changing now!

Somehow this weekend has felt a bit like being in limbo, just waiting for the change that is coming.

I had my last day as a saleswoman on Friday and tomorrow I’m having my first day at the new job. So this weekend I’ve been recharging my batteries together with Simon. We’ve celebrated with sparkling wine, good food and Doctor Who. I’ve also had some time to write a bit more of my book.


I can’t wait to actually have a job that allows me to have the afternoons and weekends free to be creative and to be with the people that mean the most to me! I can really find time to write and to be creative!

At the same time I’m nervous. New workplace and new colleagues. But I’ve decided in advance that this will be a great change! That this is the road that I need to take to get to where I’m supposed to be!

Wish me luck!


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