Too pretty to work? Oh come on!!!

When I first saw the article about Laura Fernee that quit her job in a medical research lab because she was too pretty, I thought it was a joke.

But no! This woman with a science PhD sincerely means that her “good looks” has made it impossible for her to work at her £3000 a month job because it was too traumatic that all her male colleagues were hitting on her and the female colleagues was jealous of her and bullied her.


Excuse my language, but COME THE F**K ON!!!!

Of course it can be uncomfortable to be hit on by a colleague, but what happened to standing up for one self? To being able to tell them to back off. And if that doesn’t work then go to the management and file a complaint!

And when you sit there with a science PhD I’m sure that there’s not a problem to find another job and try out another workplace. But did she do that?? No! She decided that, quote;

I’ve made the decision that employment just isn’t for me at the moment. It’s not my fault…I can’t help the way I look.
So she decided to just be unemployed for two years and still going, while her parents are happily covering all her expenses.  And what are those expenses you might ask!

£2000 a month apartment, £1500 for shopping, £80 gym and £1000 for socializing ++


The urge to facepalm myself is too big to resist! And it gets better! This 33 year old woman is now writing a book about how to handle being pretty at work. What the hell does she know about handling it? She quit!

Some people just make me lose faith in humanity.

Laura Fernee, get back to work and get over yourself!


You can find the original article from the Daily Mirror HERE!


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