Perfect Sunday Morning

Luxury is an ancient notion.  There was once a Chinese mandarin who had himself wakened three times every morning simply for the pleasure of being told it was not yet time to get up. 


I find most Sundays to be perfect. No rush, no pressure and no alarm clock. I can sleep in and I don’t have to feel bad about it. Today I slept like a baby until 10 am and when I got up to make my morning coffee I saw that it was a perfect spring day outside my window. Having that to be the best thing in the morning after waking up besides the love of my life I thought was as perfect as it could get, but then I got a text. Three of my best girlfriends are in town and wants to meet up for coffee! This day just keeps getting better and better!

So here I sit in my tiny home office with my fresh brewed cup of coffee and a smile on my face and a thought hit me;

What if every morning could be as full of joy and smiles as this one is.

Even though I am an optimist I do realize that this wish has no possibility of come true. Every day is different and even though I wake up most days with a smile, I know that there will be sad mornings, angry mornings and sick mornings. The way of life that is. We have to feel some of the bad to really be able to appreciate the good. Our smiles and joys wouldn’t be as valuable if we had them all the time.

But the thing that I’ve promised myself on this lovely spring morning is that I will try to be more optimistic than I already am, every morning. I will say to myself that the day will be wonderful! I will make the most out of it! I will tell the people that I love how much I care and I will take care of them and myself.

I’ll end my late spring morning pep talk with a song that means a lot to me. Enjoy and have an amazing Sunday!


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