To forgive

We’re all guilty of somewhat keeping grudges. To forgive someone can be so much harder than imagined. At the same time it’s also so necessary to find that forgiveness inside of us so that the grudge doesn’t eat us up from the inside and out. Because that’s what the grudge does to us. It stays inside of us, maybe hiding in the deepest corners of your mind and only stings a little from time to time. But as long as it lives inside of us it grows. It can take years before you even have to stare it in the eyes and really see the size of that it has become.

To really forgive might take you down the path to the darkest places in your soul. The places where we hide the hurt and hope it rots to pieces. The road down there can be tough. You will discover how those feelings you’ve only scratched on the surface really feel. You might se sides of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Sometimes it takes blood, sweet and tears to just be able to something that seems so small but really is one of the biggest gestures we can make.

To forgive.

To say;

“I’m not going to let this hurt me anymore. I will never forget what happened. I’ve grown and I’ve become stronger even though it hurt. I will not let this linger inside of me any longer. I forgive you.”

Sometimes, to forgive is one of the most important things we can do to be able to live our lives to the fullest.

And sometimes we even have to forgive ourselves for the stupid shit we do. We’re human and it happens. What makes us special is the power to get smarter. To get stronger. To be able to forgive even though it hurts.



The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. 

~Mahatma Gandhi

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