My biggest project!!

I’ve now started the adventure of my biggest creative project to date (except from writing my book) and this time I’m doing it together with my boyfriend Simon 🙂

Look at this picture and tell me what you see!

20130502_201016If your answer was “an empty living room wall” than you were correct!

And we don’t like empty white walls like that 😛 So we decided do something a little bit different to decorate it!

We both love old games. I’m mostly into Zelda, Super Mario, Sonic and Toejam and Earl. Simon has a special spot in his heart for Pokémon and Final Fantasy. And as I showed you guys on Instagram the other day, I’d started to do some old school beading just for fun. Now, that harmless fun has turned in to a huge project! We’re going to decorate that empty wall with game beadings!



So, you can guess what I will be doing this weekend! I’m totally hooked by this project and I hope you will stick around to see how it turns out  🙂

Wish you all an awesome Thursday!

Bilde tatt 02.05.13 kl. 19.59

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