I quit!

I actually did it today.  I quit my job! I have to stay there until the end of April but after that I’m moving on to a new job that’ll let me have more spare time to focus on my family, writing my book and studies 🙂
It was hard to find the perfect words for the I quit speech, but I made it through. My boss took it pretty well. Tried to convince me to stay, but I’ve made up my mind about this. I need this!
I decided it was time to stop being unsatisfied with things in my life and just change them. We should all follow our dreams.

Find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

My dream is to write. Write stories that can move people. Stories that’ll get a readers heart racing. I’m putting all the focus that I can spare into my dream and goal from now on. And I will never give up 🙂

Don’t ever let go of your dreams and goals! Chase them down and never give up!

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