Hunting on a Friday

And I’m using my Mac on the hunt! As you now understand I’m not out and about with a rifle 😛 I’m the hunt for the perfect pin up dress.

I absolutely love 50s and 60s pinup fashion. The feminine dresses, the playful hair and the elegant makeup. So today while I’ve been beaten down on the couch by a really bad headache I started browsing for a perfect dress.

And here are some of those that I fell in love with:

The Sweet Sails Dress – Steady Clothing  



I love the sailor look! I can even remember that I had a similar dress when I was a little girl and me and my father lived on a boat. Definitely on my wishlist 🙂

Ashley Dress in navy sateen-pinupgirlclothing 



Ava Dress in Jade Green -pinupgirlclothing


ava-dress-jade-greenThe perfect Mad Men inspired dress! I thought of Joan the moment I laid eyes on this dress! It’s nothing short of perfection!

Evelyn Dress in Green satin – pinupgirlclothing


pinup-evelyn-greenSuperman Super pin up dress – Etsy



I found loads more of lovely and playful dresses, but these were some of my top favorites!

I’m going to start sowing my own pin up dresses soon as well, so even though it’s been a good chase today I haven’t ordered anything. It’s been mostly a hunt for inspiration 🙂

So what started this? I’ve been sick for a while and haven’t had the extra energy to dress up every day but today I felt a bit better in the morning so I took the time to really do my make up and my hair 🙂  It felt good to do so, but my energy level fell during the day, so the only one who really noticed my effort today was my lovely son. He told me I looked a little funny but mostly beautiful 🙂 *melt*


I wish you all a lovely weekend!!

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