Creativity, here I come! (I hope :P )

Last time I wrote here I was on my way to my doctors appointment and it pretty much went as I suspected it would. They told me to stay home from work all of next week and take care of myself while we’re waiting for all of the test results.

So now I’m sitting here in my “little office” in the middle of the living room getting started on what I hope can become somewhat of a productive week. I’m going to take things slow this week, but as (by doctors orders) pamper myself a bit, I will also be pampering my creative side. I’m going to devote this week to keep on writing my book and to do other creative small projects that doesn’t drain me.

I have a few small projects lined up for this week as long as I have the energy to do them 🙂 And I will try to share them with you!

But this Sunday is dedicated to writing! And I’m so ecstatic about finally owning my very own Mac 😀 I was so lucky that I got to take over my boyfriends Mac now that he’d bought himself a new Dell. So I’ve decided that this is it! This Mac is where I’m going to complete my book!


I took on an itty bitty project yesterday as well! I did my nails 🙂 Inspired by Cutepolish’ tutorial on YouTube 🙂


I wish you all a great Sunday 🙂 See you soon!!

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