Poem of the Day – Day 10

‘Tis But a Smile

Here we are, prepared for our lives ahead
The extraordinary insights we bring, rewards us instead
This madness we see ruins the very foundation of hope and trust
Intentions sought out by the pain and lust
We are there perhaps but we feel so confused
Whether to engage the same hateful feelings of the amused
We are people, with a purpose and many strives
But such criminals will lead impossible lives
Give thanks to and be thanked is the key goal here
Nothing to be a shame of nor have hath no thy fear
Its all in the grace of helping the fallen
Pick them up, lift them from this sullen
Its all about attitude and emotion that will set the stage
Going out and actually being someone for a change
By doing this, will thee be recognized and will live a long while
Provided, will the efforts bring… ’tis but a smile.

– Casey Knox

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