Kindle me softly!

I see them everywhere. On the subway, at work, on trains and in cafe's. They sit there, doing one of the things I love the most doing. They're reading. But what is this?? No book?? It's some kind of tablet. It's all so confusing. Well, not really 😛 I really do see the practicality of... Continue Reading →


We've all been there, right? You know that you have to sleep. There are few hours left of the night before you have to get up to school or to work. You're lying in bed, tossing and turning, closing your eyes and trying to sleep. You close your eyes and hope that you'll fade into... Continue Reading →

Christmas Craziness

iPads, laptops, phones, cameras ++ Doesn't it look familiar? My niece and nephew's wishlist looks exactly like that. Not one thing on them that I can afford to give them. And do you know what? I hate giving away money for Christmas! I think it's impersonal. I like to give gifts that means something. Something... Continue Reading →

Welcome back Google Maps!

It would be quite the understatement saying that removing Google maps from the iPhone and replacing it with their own map system did not turn out as much of a success as Apple would have hoped for. It didn't take lang before we had maps showing oceans where there weren't, land where there's ocean and... Continue Reading →

My (not so new) obsession!

I've been reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower series for a while now. It's taken me longer than it usually would to read them, but I'm picking up pace now a days. I'm on book number five at the moment "Wolves of the Calla", and these books just keeps on surprising me. I've never read... Continue Reading →

Dare to be great!

I hit that send button with a lot of thoughts going through my mind. Maybe I should have written it differently. Maybe I bragged too much. Or what if I bragged too little? I would be perfect for this!  I wouldn't have a clue.. Maybe it was a mistake... By the time the word "mistake"... Continue Reading →

Words I couldn’t say…

Have you ever had your mind filled with words for a special person that you just couldn't get yourself to tell them? Did you write that letter that you never sent? Or maybe you just had the words on your tongue every time you met the person? I can put a check mark on all... Continue Reading →

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