I’ve waited a long time for this..

Sounds like I’ve done something life changing right?

Well I haven’t, but the fact is I haven’t really had a vacation in over a year or so (except for 2-3 packed days here and there).. So last Saturday me and Simon went on our first real vacation as a couple. We had a weekend in Berlin in September to go IFA, but I don’t look at that as a real couples vacation.

But this time around we went away for a week. To Turkey 🙂

It was so nice to get away together. Have a whole week were none of us had to think about work.

We enjoyed warm weather,  good food and drinks, and of course each other.

Our trip started in Kemer. Stayed there for 3 nights. Here we mostly slept in the sun, drank wine/beer and talked a lot.

After that the trip went to Pamukkale. It was a long bus drive to get there, but it was worth it:)

Hot springs all over the “cotton castle”.

I couldn’t help but be inspired by the natural beauty of this place! I wanted to just sit down and write right there!

One day after that we went to Alanya. On the way there we visited a carpet factory. We got to see what an amazing amount of work goes into making these handmade carpets.

In Alanya we enjoyed the beach and also had a night out on the town 🙂

The week flew by and I wish we had more time to explore and to just relax. But tomorrow it’s back to work. I thought I’d feel more relaxed and recharged, but I don’t feel ready to back at all. I got a taste of the sweet vacation life, and I want more 😛

But hey, maybe next year 🙂

All the pictures (except the one of myself) is taken my my Galaxy S3.


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