A creative night!

See those gorgeous girls beside me there? That's Kaya and Helene 🙂 I would say that I have 3 best friends, and they are two of them. The third one (Kirsti) is hiding behind the camera 😛 Last year Kaya, Helene and I started to have hobby nights together. We would unleash our creativity! After... Continue Reading →


Football hooligans…

If there's one thing in this world that really pisses me off, I would say that it would be people who fight and are aggressive for no good reason. Or to say it short: Stupid people! On my way to the bus today I passed a pub where all the football enthusiasts were gathered and... Continue Reading →


I’ve waited a long time for this..

Sounds like I've done something life changing right? Well I haven't, but the fact is I haven't really had a vacation in over a year or so (except for 2-3 packed days here and there).. So last Saturday me and Simon went on our first real vacation as a couple. We had a weekend in... Continue Reading →


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