Who, where, what and why??

The Who and the Where!

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Christina (Nice to meet you!) and I live in the cold country with the fantastic unpredictable weather; Norway!

I was born the year that the world population reached approx 5 billion people, they found the first “naked-eye” supernova since 1604, the first criminal was convicted using DNA-evidence and The Simpsons air on television for the first time.

If you haven’t already figured it out, it was 1987:P

I work in an electronics shop (can be discussed if it’s healthy or not for my geeky obsessions) and I have ambitions to get up, up and UP in this business.

I’m a multi-geek! I love gadgets, tech, movies, games, literature and just all around pretty and weird things!

Be prepared for anything!

The What!

I will use this little spot on the world wide web to share my thoughts on what interest me.

You’ll get to see products being tested, my very own recommendations, my predictions and a little peek into my very own life in the geek heaven.

I’m always open for suggestions, so if there’s something you want to see or something you didn’t like, please let me know! I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly! Just remember what your parents thought you; Don’t be rude πŸ˜›

The Why!

So why this? Why now?

Gadgets, games and literature has been a big part of me since I was a kid and till now. These are things I can’t live without!

So why not let someone else in on my journey to find amazing new things to brighten up my life!

Come along with me and lets see what we’ll find:)

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