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Samsung Unpacked 2012, Teaser!

We’re eagerly waiting for the SlI]amsung Unpacked 2012 event on 29th of August in Berlin and they’ve now released a little teaser for us all!


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10 surprising facts about Google

Who doesn’t love fun facts??

Browsing the web I found these fun facts about Google and it had to be shared!

If you liked this then you should visit All Time 10s YouTube channel and subscribe!

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The Galaxy Note 10.1 official hands-on video!

Samsung released this video in YouTube shortly after their Galaxy Note 10.1 launch.

If you haven’t already seen it then take a look!

I have to say that I like the concept of the Note 10.1 and this is the first Android driven tablet that I’ve actually wanted to own.

But nothing is decided until I’ve had it in my hands and tested it for real. Maybe the opportunity will come when we’re at IFA!!

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Are we about to see an even bigger “phablet”?

We were amazed when the original Galaxy Note was launched and I personally fell in love with the 5.3 inch screen and the s-pen!

And now we’re waiting in excitement for the launch of the Galaxy Note 2 that’ll happen on August 29th. As usual the rumors and supposed leaked pictures of whats to come are showing up everywhere. It’s impossible to tell the false rumors from what that could be true for certain, but one of the most interesting rumors that keeps on poping up time after time is that about the Note 2 being even bigger than the original one!

The french site NowhereElse showed us leaked pictures today that’s leading us to think that the Note 2 will come with a 5.5 inch screen, truly making it a phablet!

Samsung haven’t given us much info to go on when it comes to specs or design on the new Note but the guess is that it will be released around the same time that the iPhone 5 (Or maybe just the New iPhone) supposedly will be launched. So probably around September.


Geek Heaven will be present at IFA Berlin this year and I can promise you all updates around the Samsung Unpacked event!

Cause lets face it! Rumors will always be rumors, and we don’t know the real product until Samsung decides it’s time for us to get to know it.

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New press shots of the Sony Xperia tablet

Just ahead of Sony’s launch on IFA Berlin there’s been a new leak of press shots.

What do the new pictures reveal? The 8 MP camera, and the 1 MP front-facing camera. We can also see the Walkman app. It appears that it’ll come with Ice Cream Sandwich as a default, but they might bump it up to Jelly Bean by the time it hits the stores.


We do know that it comes with a Tegra 3 processor. It will be available in 16 and 32 Gb. It’s thinner than the tablet s and like the tablet s it has its buttons hidden within the fold.

More details will come when IFA kicks off.

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Europe citizens might not see Wii U under the Christmas tree.

There are rumors going about the launch of the Wii U being delayed. Looks like the US and Japan will be the first ones to get their hands on the gamepad, but it might not be before December instead of November.


Europe is a whole other story! If the rumors are correct, we here in Europe might have to remove the Wii U from our Christmas wishlist and wait for its launch in early 2013. It could be catastrophic for Europe sales if they’re not able to get the gamepad out before Christmas. All those hundreds of thousands of gift wrapped Wii U’s will be nothing but a lost dream.

The reason for the possible delay is that the gameplay proves to be more difficult to massproduce than first anticipated.
Nintendo has not been willing to comment on the possible delay yet. 

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An extra excuse for playing with Lego?

Not that you actually need one! Even as an adult Lego never gets uncool 😛

But how about combining Lego, iPod touch and apps with endless possibilities?

That’s where Tinkerbrick comes in!

They’ve made a Lego case for the iPod 4G that allows you to use that brilliant imagination of yours to make your device into anything!

How about a spider?

Or a guitar?

Mod your iPod on the go! Make a stand for it, a spaceship, truck or give it handles!

There are free apps exampled on Tinkerbricks website that you can use to really make your new Lego toy be more interactive.

The Tinkerbrick case is available at Amazon for $32,95 and comes in black, yellow, red and white.

How long before we’ll see a case like this for the iPad?? Or maybe even for Android devices??

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Apple and YouTube breaks up!

The legal battle between Apple and Google is starting to show. First Apple came out and told us that they would get rid of Google Maps in favor of their own mapping system, now they’ve confirmed that the integrated YouTube app that we all know from their devices will not be present on their iOS 6.

The official statement from Apple is this:

“License to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended.”

Who do they think they’re kidding? 😛 I’m pretty sure that by the time we see a new iPhone on the market it won’t have a single Google app on their home screen.

But who knows? Maybe now that Google don’t have all their strings attached to Apple they’ll make an even more smooth YouTube experience through the new app.

Time will show!

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Who, where, what and why??

The Who and the Where!

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Christina (Nice to meet you!) and I live in the cold country with the fantastic unpredictable weather; Norway!

I was born the year that the world population reached approx 5 billion people, they found the first “naked-eye” supernova since 1604, the first criminal was convicted using DNA-evidence and The Simpsons air on television for the first time.

If you haven’t already figured it out, it was 1987:P

I work in an electronics shop (can be discussed if it’s healthy or not for my geeky obsessions) and I have ambitions to get up, up and UP in this business.

I’m a multi-geek! I love gadgets, tech, movies, games, literature and just all around pretty and weird things!

Be prepared for anything!

The What!

I will use this little spot on the world wide web to share my thoughts on what interest me.

You’ll get to see products being tested, my very own recommendations, my predictions and a little peek into my very own life in the geek heaven.

I’m always open for suggestions, so if there’s something you want to see or something you didn’t like, please let me know! I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly! Just remember what your parents thought you; Don’t be rude 😛

The Why!

So why this? Why now?

Gadgets, games and literature has been a big part of me since I was a kid and till now. These are things I can’t live without!

So why not let someone else in on my journey to find amazing new things to brighten up my life!

Come along with me and lets see what we’ll find:)

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